I'm Samantha, but you can call me Sam. I am the owner and lead photographer of Samantha Farmer Photography. I am happily married to my hubby, David. He just so happens to be my amazing second shooter as well ;) We live in sunny South Florida- Jupiter to be exact. If you are into horoscopes, we are both Cancers and in our free time you can probably find us near the ocean.


          Photography has always been a passionate hobby of mine. I continued that passion into adulthood and started photographing my adrenaline junkie husband doing all his extreme sports. From there, it led to my favorite things, love and natural light! Don't ask me how it went from one extreme to the other, but I am so glad it did.


          I'm a huge fan of being your authentic self, the little moments, and most importantly... LOVE. My goal is to capture those in a timeless photograph that you can keep forever. After all, photos freeze time, right?

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